7 Ways to Avoid the Winter Funk

Ways to get out of your winter funk– There isn’t a person out there unfamiliar with the winter funk (unless you live on the islands). As the season changes mercury falls and there is less sunlight, it’s not uncommon to become tired, lazy, irritable, and depressed. Don’t worry — this year will be different here’s some ways to prepare yourself to fight the funk.

Millions of people of all ages are affected by the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Here are some remedies that can help you get out of the funk.

  1. Eat Healthy. Winter for some is a time for hibernation, most people stuff themselves and put on the extra pounds preparing for the long months ahead, but we are not bears that and we start to act like them. Instead do something different choose to prepare for the summer months during the winter and give yourself more energy and boost your mood. Eat smaller portions more often go for mood boosting foods like lean meats, lots of veggies, berries, walnuts and avoid those heavy carbs like bread and pasta, fatty foods like cream-based soups, creamy pot pies or heavy stews.
  2. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. We tend to drink less during the colder weather and end up being dehydrated and it affects our health. Studies have shown that the human body decreases levels of certain fluid-regulating hormones when exposed to cold, The result: We simply do not feel as thirsty. We want to drink at least half your body weight in ounces to stay vibrant, healthy and full of energy. Here are some ways to get your water in: drink early, often, get creative have it warm, adding some lemon or some hot apple cider or grab a nice herbal tea.
  3. Keep Active. Research shows that walking during the middle of the day could be as helpful as light treatment for coping with the winter funk.
  4. Get Outside. Go outdoors for as much natural sunlight as possible especially at the brightest time of the day. And sit by windows whenever possible. Find a new outdoor sport.
  5. Keep Warm. Being cold makes you more depressed. It’s been shown that staying warm can reduce the winter funk by half. Keep warm with hot drinks and foods. Wear warm clothing and shoes.
  6. Take Up a New Hobby. Keeping your mind active wards off seasonal affective disorder (SAD) the winter funk. Anything like new card games, singing, journaling, writing, exercising, dancing, starting a blog or a new business…. Anything that gives you something to look forward to.
  7. Seeing your family and friends.  Get out and see people. Socializing is good for your mental health. Make an effort to connect and get together with people.