Hand Me Down Beliefs

Adults have been passing down beliefs and lessons for generations, these hand me downs have proven over the years to be good and bad at times. Did you ever wonder who started them? Who created the benchmarks for what is right and wrong? Who decided for us how we should look or act? We have been wearing the values and beliefs of generations and never stopped to ask ourselves if what worked for them in the earlier years still applies to us today. It was as if we were given hand me downs not only in the way of clothes but in everything in life. We were handed our parents, grandparents and great grandparents dreams and fears. Their expectations of the world and at some point in most of our lives we realize we are not living up to what we thought we were supposed to do or be and therefore we are not enough.

Did you ever step back and ponder or did you just fall into despair and accept failure in not measuring up to others expectations of you. Did you fight and excel despite it all? What is your story?

I remember growing up wanting to be a teacher. My parents told me they didn’t make enough money so I can’t be a teacher. Then I said I want to be a lawyer. My dad said “NO” and told me I was going to college for my MRS. degree. I got that twice. Not knowing too many options to choose from at that age, out of the blue I said, ok I’ll be an accountant like my brother, Bruce. I went to college studying accounting and hated every minute of it. I got my associates degree in accounting and took all my electives in business law and psychology where my true passions lied.  I changed my major to marketing advertising and minored in computers, no one balked at that choice and that is what I got my bachelors degree in college. I continued my same electives as I did prior years for I still was drawn to helping and understanding people. I spent the better part of my life doing what I thought others wanted me to do instead of what I wanted to do and loved.  Even after graduating I continued my education and became a perpetual student looking for the answers to what would make me happy and feel fulfilled and have been studying human psychology for decades now.

Today I am a teacher. Not in the conventional terms in an institution, but in life. I have spent the last twenty years teaching others how to do what I have already figured out. How to be successful following their purpose and loving who you are in the process. How amazing is that. I am not teaching children, as I thought I would be, but adults to be what they want to be. Think about the choices you made in your life and on what premise they were decided. You see I never wanted to be an accountant, a lawyer, a marketer or advertiser. I wanted to be a teacher and I am! By the way, teachers make a lot of money!

Again where did this all start? How would you like to end the cycle and create the life of your dreams and aspirations? Feel good about yourself just the way you are right here, right now! Not based on what you do or what you’ve accomplished. Knowing you are already enough.

How would that feel? How would that change your life now? Find out for yourself and join us on Saturday, September 27th at www.7SecretstoFab.com for a one day transformational journey from feeling FINE to being FAB!