Why be a Survivor when you can be a Thriver?

Thrivers became the voice in the communities, in our families that stop history from repeating. After watching Lady Gaga perform “Til it Happens to You” at the Oscars where she reveals her previously kept secret of being a survivor of sexual assault and seeing so many people Read more »

7 Ways Confident Moms Raise Daughters Who Love Themselves

Your daughter is watching. Think about where you learned to love yourself. What role models did you have growing up? If you are like most of us, you didn’t have the mom that looked in the mirror and relished in her own beauty. Instead she would be pointing out her flaws — maybe Read more »

Admire Someone Else’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own

You don’t need to question your own beauty! Where did this gene come from in women that when we see someone beautiful we begin to question ourselves? I remember getting ready for a great evening out with my friends. I would do my hair and makeup and look in the mirror and Read more »

7 Ways to Avoid the Winter Funk

Ways to get out of your winter funk– There isn’t a person out there unfamiliar with the winter funk (unless you live on the islands). As the season changes mercury falls and there is less sunlight, it’s not uncommon to become tired, lazy, irritable, and Read more »

Be You (tiful)!

It was something that came natural to you but then one day it all changed. Time to go back! I remember a day when you could wake up and just be YOU! There were no putting on airs, just a carefree bundle of joy frolicking about and loving everything life had to offer. Do you Read more »
Program Yourself for Success or Failure

How You Program Yourself for Success or Failure

Have you ever wondered what the difference between success and failure is? While there are a lot of factors involved in success, research shows that the biggest driver of your success or failure in a venture is you. Our subconscious is surprisingly powerful. If we believe Read more »