How to Not Overeat During the Holidays

How to Not Overeat¬† and Control Your Emotions During the Holidays The holidays are a wonderful time. We spend time with loved ones and enjoy the magic of the season. Unfortunately, holidays are also very stressful. We are busier than normal. Emotions are running high, and there Read more »

5 Secrets to Create Work Life Balance for Women

Is this plausible? Is it possible to have balance between work and personal life and if so how? For decades or dare I say centuries we have looked for the end of the day when we can turn off and relax to regenerate. This notion of turning off is an anomaly for most successful Read more »

5 Ways To Feel As FAB At Home As You Do At Work

“Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! It’s a bird, it’s a plane” no it’s SUPER WOMEN! Do you ever feel like that at work? Like you can do anything. You are invincible. You put Read more »

FINE to FAB - Lisa Lieberman-Wang, 7 Secrets to FAB

Hand Me Down Beliefs

Adults have been passing down beliefs and lessons for generations, these hand me downs have proven over the years to be good and bad at times. Did you ever wonder who started them? Who created the benchmarks for what is right and wrong? Who decided for us how we should look or Read more »

A Smile Can Make You Happy

I asked my husband what he thought was my best feature the other day. For sure I thought he would say my eyes, because he always compliments me on them, but he surprised me and said it was my smile. It made me think of the years I did not smile and wore my pain on my face. I look Read more »

Stop Beating Yourself Up & Love Yourself Now

Wow that darned inner voice can be brutal and hard to ignore and even live with. Some of us are lucky enough to go through life, filled with supportive thoughts, but more often than not that voice is demeaning and cruel. Our self depreciated words often tells us how weak we are, Read more »

Living Life in Peace without Emotional Pain

Wow – Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Living Life in Peace without Emotional Pain.¬† Just reading the words out loud lifts your spirits doesn’t it? You’re probably telling yourself “easier said than done” but it really is possible to live your Read more »

Surviving the Holiday Season without Putting on Extra Pounds: Five Tips to Enjoy Holiday Foods While Still Losing Weight

For many of us who struggle with emotional or disordered eating, the holidays feel dangerous. All those tempting, high-calorie foods start showing up at the office, at parties, and even our homes. Most of the year, I commit to keeping foods that give me trouble out of the house, Read more »

Wake up to opportunity

Wake Up to Opportunity

We missed it. It was our first time in 12 years that we set the alarm clock to get up for work and we both slept through it. The alarm had been on for 15 minutes as I hear a faint noise as it’s turning itself off. It was 4:45am and I jumped out of bed and darted to the Read more »