5 Ways To Feel As FAB At Home As You Do At Work

“Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! It’s a bird, it’s a plane” no it’s SUPER WOMEN! Do you ever feel like that at work? Like you can do anything. You are invincible. You put Read more »

FINE to FAB - Lisa Lieberman-Wang, 7 Secrets to FAB

Hand Me Down Beliefs

Adults have been passing down beliefs and lessons for generations, these hand me downs have proven over the years to be good and bad at times. Did you ever wonder who started them? Who created the benchmarks for what is right and wrong? Who decided for us how we should look or Read more »

50 is the New Body Hate Causing Depression

Everybody wants to stay young. That is the irony of life. There is nothing in life that stays the same and that includes our age. I like to believe it is better than the alternative, if we are not growing we are are dying. I will take aging any day, what about you? I was at an Read more »

One Moment Can Change Your Life

You know how sometimes the answers are right in front of you? We tend to spend our whole lives looking outside ourselves for the answers when we already have them. Knowing how to breakthrough the noise and clutter can seem difficult or daunting at times. Never feeling like Read more »

A Smile Can Make You Happy

I asked my husband what he thought was my best feature the other day. For sure I thought he would say my eyes, because he always compliments me on them, but he surprised me and said it was my smile. It made me think of the years I did not smile and wore my pain on my face. I look Read more »

Stop Beating Yourself Up & Love Yourself Now

Wow that darned inner voice can be brutal and hard to ignore and even live with. Some of us are lucky enough to go through life, filled with supportive thoughts, but more often than not that voice is demeaning and cruel. Our self depreciated words often tells us how weak we are, Read more »

Living Life in Peace without Emotional Pain

Wow – Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Living Life in Peace without Emotional Pain.  Just reading the words out loud lifts your spirits doesn’t it? You’re probably telling yourself “easier said than done” but it really is possible to live your Read more »

Hanging On to Things We Have Grown Out Of

What Are You Hanging Onto?

Do you have clothes in your closet that just don’t fit? Are you waiting until the day the style will come back and you’ll wear that dress? What about those shoes that looked so beautiful but messed up your feet for a week after wearing them once? We hold on to more than our Read more »


Feel Free to Feel!

Just for the moment sit with it. Sit with whatever feelings are coming your way. Do nothing! Nothing more than feel them. It is that which we think will kill us that only makes us stronger. Let yourself be Feel FREE to Feel! How often I can remember doing anything not to feel Read more »