Where do you spend your time and money

Hello. I am so excited to be here and to be sharing some of my thoughts with you tonight. One of the things I decided to do, believe it or not, is go through my closet and pull out all the trainings I have on Tony Robbins, can you see behind me. You know, one of the things Tony said is the secret to living is giving. And I know that that’s so true and I’m going to be giving away some things tonight. So if you stay with me, I’m going to share with you how you can get some stuff for free, because I’m excited about it. And why did I decide to pull this out? Because that’s only 1/10th of what I actually own from him. Every single tape video CD program that Tony’s ever created, I own. And yes, I don’t have one copy of it. I have two, because at the time my husband got started, he also got all the stuff and before you knew it, we have a plethora of stuff. And it turned out that our friends and family started borrowing it from us.

And before we knew we were the Tony Robbins library. So if you can relate to what I’m saying and having an arsenal of content and information to ingest and inspire and motivate yourself and say yes, because then you’re among my class and at least I know I’m not alone. One of the things is about investing in yourself and the reason I decided to have this conversation and to share this with you is Yardley right now is at Leadership Academy with Tony Robbins. And I had decided that I needed to take care of some business. I had so many clients booked that I couldn’t just go away. Again, I just got back from Business Mastery. I’m a trainer for Tony and Yardley and I volunteer time to help in the different events because what we know is the secret to living is giving and we love doing that and what we also love is growing and learning and I love growing, learning and teaching. So if you love growing learning and teaching or learning, then please say yes and let me know that you’re here. I feel funny talking to myself. I’d love to be able to hear what you have to say. But right now I’m going just talk as if I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if anybody’s there and who’s responding. So I’m just going to speak to you and tell you what’s on my mind. You know, one of the things I realized is that over the years I have invested so much in myself and it started out 26 years ago. And the reason it started out that way is because a doctor friend of mine, Dr. Turner, and knew I was being challenged personally and she shared with me I should go to see Tony Robbins. And they said, well, who’s Tony Robins? And she said, well, he’s doing this firewalk.

Now I did not know who he was. I didn’t know what a fire walk was. But what I did know is at the time I was in disease with myself and I was hurting myself. You see, I was a compulsive over eater bulimic and I was dealing with anxiety and depression and all these other challenges. So I just figured that firewalks helped bulimics and I ended up going to the firewall up and I remember I’d gotten VIP seating and Tony’s walking to the fire with us and I said to Tony, well with this help bulimia, and he just smiled and looked at me. He didn’t even answer me. He just acknowledged me, kept walking as we all walked to the fire together. And what ended up happening is I did the firewalk, I signed up for his mastering university and this is going back to 1993 or 94 I honestly don’t remember the date because I had a head injury 10 years ago. We have some things that are still a little fuzzy. What ended up happening is I ended up getting to date with destiny, which is one of his programs after the UPW unleash the power within. And I remember they were looking for someone suicidal and somehow I was called. Now I need to tell you, I never raised my hand. I don’t know how I was called at the time today. I know, but back then I didn’t and I was fortunate enough to have Tony worked with me and he worked with me and we went through why I was like trying to hurt myself and I was, because on the outside everything looked great. I looked, I was smart, successful. I worked for IBM and MCI. I was making unbelievable money doing amazing, but I felt like an imposter. I felt like if somebody ever found out that I wasn’t as good as they thought I was, that it would be awful.

I felt like no matter what I did, I wasn’t pretty enough. Smart enough, rich enough. It didn’t matter skinny enough. I was never enough. And it was the beginning of the end of me hurting myself. And that day when Tony actually chose me to work with and how blessed I was because of the fact that he had helped me. I had made a decision back then that I was going to continue to contribute my time and resources to support him. And that’s what I’ve done for the last 26 years. So when people think, you know, they always say to me, Oh, you work for Tony, you do other stuff. But for 26 years I have been a volunteer army. I show up when he needed help, I would do whatever it needed, whether it’s registration or, or helping the people or cleaning up. It didn’t matter. I was going to be there to support.

And over the years my role has grown higher, higher, higher, higher, where today I’m blessed to be able to be a trainer for him. But I was willing to do whatever it took. And that was the gift and one of the other gifts if you see all the stuff behind me. I’ve gone through all the trainings that he offered, every single thing out there. And then, not just from Tony, but from anyone else he ever mentioned in the footnotes of his stuff. As a matter of fact, in some of the videos that he has, on the power of the personal hour in the power videos, it was so many other people that I followed each and every one of them. And I ended up, I’m hearing my phone go off. I apologize. I ended up hearing and their name and I decided if there was still alive.

I learned from them. So when Tony ended up mentioning NAC, which is neuro associative of conditioning, which is his version of neuroscience and human psychology, and learned that when he talked about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I learned all about that. When he talked about NLP, neurolinguistic programming, I decided to go to the creators, John Grinder and Dr Bandler and I learned from them. I became a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and trainer and then when he talked about a things about the turnaround with Byron Katie, I went to her when we talked about relationships with Alison Armstrong. I went to her when he talked about business with Frank Kern. I went to him or Keith Cunningham or Kevin nations or all these other people that I’ve learned from. I just got back from Donald Miller for Story Brand, no matter who he’s ever mentioned. I literally decided to enroll in their programs and go to the source because the one thing I’ve learned is that it’s easier to grow when you take other people’s experiences and model success versus try to do it yourself.

And that’s what Tony did. He modeled Jim Rohn success. He modeled, Jay Abraham and Zig Ziglar and Wayne Dyer and all these amazing people, and he found a way to take the information and deliver it in such a unique way that made it entertaining, educational and instrumental for us to be able to implement it easily and effortlessly in what we do, and I became masterful at everything he taught because I learned the best way to success is mastery. And mastery is practicing. How often do you do say once and you think because you did it once, it’s done. You know, I always say there’s a difference between knowing and knowing. When someone says, I know this is not good for me, but they’re still doing it, then I say, well man, I guess you really don’t know because when you know it’s not good for you, then you stop doing it right.

That’s a knowing. That’s a difference. When you say you want something and you sit on your couch and you do nothing, then that’s not really a want that’s a desire. But the one would actually say, okay, I’m going to do whatever will take and I will get that. There’s a very big difference when we take action, right? So one of the things that I did is after pulling all this stuff out, I was putting together stuff for the weekend that I’m doing in October. I’m doing a mastermind to grow your business. I wanted to see what would the things I was implementing regularly, what was the secret sauce? And I had already put it down. I had already put down what I had found I have done to not grow one or two or three, but four businesses to six figures within one year of starting each and every one of them.

That’s how many I own now. One is 26 years old, one 17 years old, one’s 8 and one’s 4. And each one of the businesses, I did the same thing and I had to figure out what it was because I’d gone to an event with some of my clients and we went to an event to help build your business through women and we’d spent $2,500 for the event. That’s great information, but it seemed like there was nothing applicable that we can apply to our business immediately to get results. And that’s one of the bulls I always have is I want to have a takeaway where I can do something with an and make my investment back and we’re on the plane and one of the women says to me, well Lisa, I think we’re just spoiled with you. Every time you teach us stuff, we can make money with it.

You need to do something. And I was like, what do you mean I need to do something? They go, well, you need to teach this stuff because what they’re teaching is more like a sales pitch. Every time they shared something with you, you couldn’t do it yourself. You needed to pay someone to do it. And I built each business without paying everybody to do it. And I did it by OPE, which I learned from Tony, which is other people’s experience. I invested over a million dollars in me to learn from all these people personally and professionally of what the masters do. So I can just duplicate what they do and not recreate the wheel. And right now in today’s economy, we’re getting what they call a winter economy. Things are different. People are spending money differently. There’s a lot more decisions made where there’s still spending money, 93% of their money is still being spent.

But what we found is that with a winter economy, people looking to make sure they make the right decision because they’re in a scarcity mindset. They want to make sure there’s value in what they’re getting and what are most people doing? They’re in business and they’re actually turning around and slashing their prices, try to compete with the guy next door and everybody under cuts themselves. So what happens is when the economy comes back, some people are out of business where they couldn’t sustain the winter. Where at the winter is when you need to be able to hold onto things and feast. And that’s usually when you’re raising prices, where you’re offering more value. You give it so that people just can’t believe of all this stuff you’re giving. And that’s how you’re actually going to sustain the economy. Because when we have spring, and it’s a plethora of things out there, you’ll still be here.

But if you don’t actually have your business set properly and use other people’s experiences to learn how to do that, you may not be in business. Statistically, they say there over 600 something thousand new businesses open every year and 595,000 close every year. By the third year. Most businesses aren’t even in business. I think the statistics is 50% the first year and by the fifth year, 30%, have gone again. So there’s very little businesses that even sustain five years, let alone 26, 17, 8 or 4. And the reason I’ve done it is because I’ve taken all the information I’ve learned over these years and applied it to each one of the businesses. If you want to actually know how to do that, I put together a quick little ebook called mastery to millions. It’s actually seven secrets every business owner must know to build their business in any economy and you can get that and I’m going to give you a link when I’m done because I don’t even know what the link is right now, but I’m going to tell you what the seven are.

The first one is Mindset. And mindset is totally about knowing that in any economy can make money. If you’re in a scarcity mindset right now and you think that things are hard and it’s difficult, I’m going to tell you you’re wrong because you can make money in any economy. If you understand the different economies, the mindset is also you believe in, you can do it. The mindset is having the right actions that you’re taking and who you’re working with and who’s who else you’re working with has everything to do with that as well. The second is taking Massive Action. You know, so many people are tiptoeing into business like I know I need to, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done things, but they’re not actually taking the massive action. The expression that Tony used to say is, burn the boat. You’re going to do something. Just burn the boat and just do it.

And that’s one of the biggest things I did when I put the 7 Secrets to Mastery to Millions. This was exactly how I built each one of my businesses. So talking about massive action, this is what happened to me. I was doing very well. Let me go back to you. When I was younger, I was a millionaire by the time I was 30 I lived on very little of my money. I worked for IBM and MCI and I invested most of my money in the company I was working for, which was MCI. And I rented an apartment. No one ever knew I was the millionaire next door and I had done really well. Well eventually MCI became WorldCom and they went bankrupt and my investments were in my 401k, my ESOP employee stock option plan. And then anything else was in .com because that’s what I knew.

Like Lucent Avaya, Sun Microsystems and stuff. Well when MCI became WCOM went bankrupt, I went from millionaire to pauper over night on nine 11 when nine 11 happened, my husband and job security ended up getting affected and he lost his contract. And when he did that, we had just put a $250k into our backyard with pools and gazebos and cabanas and all these great things. And before, you know, we’re a half a million in debt. So we went from prosperity to desperation within two years. That’s right. Half a million in debt. And I decided I am going to make this work. And the first thing I needed to do is I said, I’m not going down. And my husband’s like, I can’t get a job. My friends are out of work for years now. I’m never, no one’s going hire me I’ll have to go back to school.

And I’m like, well, we going to do something we’re going to lose our house. And I said, okay, I’m going to do this. And I actually did what I’m going to teach you in this book that I’m going to share with you. And what I did is I actually had the mindset and the mindset was, I’m going to succeed despite it. I don’t care what anybody else tells me we’re going to get out of this. I took a picture of our home with the pools and all this stuff and I said, okay, why am I doing this? I put a big why to it. I made a decision that I was going to succeed and I totally did. And then what I did is after making that decision with the WHY, I took massive action and I said, okay, who is it that needs what I have?

Where can I go and get that? How can I be working in result producing activities and not just be active, but be productive? How do I create conversations that cash, I like to say the three Cs, what is it I need to do? And I took massive action. Burn the boats. There was no going back. There was no, we’re going just see if we can make it. We, I knew we were going to make it and I did whatever I needed to do to do that. And then I modeled success. That third one is Modeling Success. Modeling success is so, so important because we want to learn from other people’s experience, right? OPE, why would you want to recreate the wheel if somebody’s already doing it that succeeded go to them. So what did I do in the industries I chose to build the businesses in?

I went to those people who are already making millions. I said, how are you doing it? Take them to lunch. Let them teach you. Invest in them. Don’t think because they have money they should pay you. Pay. You’re getting information that would take you a lifetime to get they’ll give you a minutes and they’re invaluable. And I’ve learned that a long time ago. You listening to me, I want to congratulate you because you should say yes on the thing there because for congratulate yourself for being so smart. Why would you not learn from someone who’s done it before? Because what I did is I actually took what was a half a million in debt and within five years we didn’t just get out of debt, but we owned $1 million home again, debt free, and we were able to build back our wealth and we have even more now than we had then.

I’m giving you those secrets right now. By the way, if I didn’t tell you that I got back. Then after modeling success, I modeled everybody I learned from whether it was Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Keith Cunningham, Frank Kern, or Andy Andrews or John Maxwell or you name them, Jack Canfield’ or Mark Victor Hansen. I can keep going on and on. Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar, these were some of the masters that trained me and taught me when I needed to learn so that I can build unbelievable sustainable wealth. And I implemented everything they ever told me and I implemented it by following their strategy. It’s so important. We follow strategy. When people model, they get it confused. They say, well, if this five steps to make this cake recipe, I need water and flour and eggs and I need vanilla extract and I need icing. Right? I think I said flour. I need those five ingredients, but I’m not going to make it the way everybody else does.

I’m going make it my own way and I’m going to put in the water and the flour and I’m gonna put the extract in and I’m going take that cake and when we’re done, I’m going to put the icing on it and Oh, I want to put the eggs on last. That is not the award winning recipe that’s going to work. You need to model success the way successes has done it, not in your own way. Modeling success was the third thing I did. The fourth thing I did was Measuring. Measuring everything I did, seeing it, what am I goals? Are they actionable? Are they smart, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely? Where do I need to be? Not looking now, but look, five years into the future, three years, two years, one year, one month, one week, every single day, every hour. What is it that I need to do to get there?

And then when you measure it and you know what you’re doing as you’re going, it’s easy to make adjustments because otherwise you end up five years later and you’re still in the same place. You don’t know how you got there. You need to have a road to run on a map to run on. To be able to do that, you need to know metrics. You need to manage it. See what’s working. How often do people not know the cost of acquisition of a client? What does it costing to acquire a client? And what do I mean by that? Well, if you had to advertise, you went to events, you spoke to people, you spent money, you have a roof over your head, you have other expenses that you’re holding up to build your business. This is all cost of acquisition for every client you get.

If you don’t know your cost of acquisition, you don’t know how much you can spend to actually acquire a client. You need to know your lifetime value of a client. So we have to measure all these things because when you know a client’s with you for a long time, maybe the average clients with you five years, you have a better idea of what you can invest to market to be able to get clients. And those are big things that I’m talking about right now. I may have just went right over your head and for some it’s like, Oh that’s baby-steps Lisa. I already know that stuff. Wherever you are in the game, it’s great. The idea these are things you are going to learn about in my book and I’m going to share more with you later, how to get it in person. And then we talk about marketing and innovation.

You know, there’s so many people doing the same thing. It’s called marketing myopia. Are you holding a sign out there saying, I’m a consultant, I’m a coach, I’m a business coach. Are you holding a sign saying I’m in network marketing and buy my product? Whatever you’re doing, if you are not making yourself look different and unique, you are in what we call marketing myopia. Everybody looks like the same thing. No one buys from anyone because you’re all doing the same thing. You need to have marketing innovation. You need to stand out and be different because if you’re not different, there’s no reason for them to go to you. If you don’t offer unbelievable value, there’s no reason to go to you. You need to be different and stand out. And the last one is Masterminding. The way I did it is I actually surrounded myself by, with people smarter than me because one thing I know is that if you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re going need to find a new room.

And I always found people who knew more than me in different areas so that I can learn from them and excel. These were the seven secrets to mastery to millions and I’m going to share it with you and then you’ll give you the link to get my free ebook if you want to even watch a webinar I did on it, I’ll be able to share that with you too and this some more great stuff that you’ll be able to learn that I just decided I’m pulling out all this stuff working on this thing I’m doing. I’m going to be doing a mastermind weekend on How to Grow Yourself & Your Business and the seven secrets every entrepreneur must know to build your business, but it’s going to be more of a roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, work on your business that in your business and you’ll be able to build your business in any economy. Even hit your numbers this year, maybe close to than you would have if you’re not invested some time with me. I’m doing an event on October 19th and 20th if you want to learn more about it, go to www.finetofabforbusiness.com that’s fine. To fab for business.com spell it all out and see if you want to join me and you want to be able to go from go to master to millions. But hopefully this was helpful and look forward to seeing you again soon and I will talk to you soon. Bye. Okay.