5 Secrets to Create Work Life Balance for Women

Is this plausible? Is it possible to have balance between work and personal life and if so how?

For decades or dare I say centuries we have looked for the end of the day when we can turn off and relax to regenerate. This notion of turning off is an anomaly for most successful individuals working to get ahead especially women. We end our work life to go home to our family who want the same kind of attention we give at work, at home. Today some women still live with the stereotype that they need to work and manage a home at the same time. We are all in great need of a solution.

Unfortunately for me I learned the hard way. It took me having a sudden heart attack at an early age, followed by years of depression and burnout that I used as a means to stop. After five hospitalizations over a thirteen year period I decided there were better ways to take vacations and I needed to learn a new word, BALANCE. After applying these secrets I’ve had twenty years of being more successful than I had ever been and experiencing a wonderful work and home life. Here are my secrets.

5 Keys to Create Work Life Balance Now:

  1. Set your priorities. When you die what do you want it to say on your tombstone? I am serious. Do you want it to say, “worked harder than anyone in the office, never left before it was dark, had no friends, never took time to have fun, abandoned family, never took care of herself, but had lots of money” or would you like it to say, “had a full life, laughed often, lived well, lots of friends and family that loved her.” It sometimes takes something huge to realize the real meaning of life. For me it’s to be happy. This might sound small, but if your work is the only place you find happiness I would encourage you to find things at home with family and friends that can fill that need as well.
  2. Learn to say “NO”. Such a small word that can have massive results. Once you set your priorities and know what is really most important to you learn to say “No” to what no longer serves you. If you can’t stay late and have other commitments say “No”. If you have too much on your plate, if it will not get you the end result you want, if it can be delegated say “No”.
  3. Rethink your chores. Anything that you can outsource to someone else for less than you make is a necessity. I used to do everything at work and home and would get so frustrated that my day never ended. I learned to delegate or pay someone to do activities that won’t add to my happiness. This was the best gift I ever gave myself, permission to do nothing, but it came after I had an injury where my doctor told me I could no longer push a vacuum or move furniture. Years later I am very capable of moving furniture but I choose not to and happily applaud my cleaning women that does it so beautifully for me. I do not need to be superwomen just super smart.
  4. Schedule family time. Sounds silly but necessary. What gets scheduled gets done. I own several businesses and have found it challenging to turn off because there was always something that needed to be done. Finally we realized if it goes in my calendar it happens. My husband started scheduling date night for us and for over 5 years now Tuesdays we go to dinner and a movie. Mark out time for what is important to you. Now he just blocks off time in my calendar and I know it will be something great because it’s with him.
  5. Recharge your battery. This can mean different things to different people. It can be exercising a few times a week, taking naps, reading a good book, watching a movie, sleeping in on the weekend, taking weekend getaways. Whatever it is for you that gives you enjoyment and energy to get up and go.

Work life balance is only a challenge these days because of our beliefs around what we are supposed to do and what constitutes success in our lives. Perhaps it time now to look at what is really important to you and what would make you the most happy. After all this isn’t a dress rehearsal.

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