50 is the New Body Hate Causing Depression

Everybody wants to stay young. That is the irony of life. There is nothing in life that stays the same and that includes our age. I like to believe it is better than the alternative, if we are not growing we are are dying. I will take aging any day, what about you?

I was at an event recently and had my picture taken by a professional photographer, afterwards they had a graphic artist Photoshop it and when I got it back it did not look like me. I asked the artist, “would you put back my wrinkles. I earned them.”

What bewilders me is how most people no matter where they are at are not happy. When we are young we want to be older to have more rights. When we get more rights we don’t want to be responsible and wish we were younger. As we age we admire the youth and as youth we envy the old. No matter what weight we are at, women we want to be thinner. When will we be happy?

This is awful. We have come to hate where ever we are which means we are never enough. Think about the example we have set for the next generation. Think about where we are now. The world of Photoshop and misconceptions via use of technology is rampant. It is time to stop.

50 is the New Body Hate Prime Causing Depression
Know that getting older provides various factors that affect our emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. You are just one of millions fed by depression, weight, and self-esteem issues. Research found that the majority of women between middle-age or older are unfortunately undergoing different stress due to the pressure that this generation provides.

Body Weight, Body Shape, and Age
These are the three factors that cause depression to many middle-aged women and if you are a certified member of this age bracket, then, you shall save yourself from getting involved with these anxieties. Know that body weight, body shape and age do not measure the totality of your humanity. However, these are the keywords that complete the factors to lower your self-esteem which you shall not let consume you. Seeing yourself not exactly as you want to be is a matter of self-exploiting. Without any further wordings, this is the start point of depression.

The Ubiquitous: Media
Inevitable as emotions, media are universal. Seeing the most desirous models become the benchmark of today’s beauty makes your perceptions drive the reality. Media are persuasive and pervasive. In one stop you can eliminate your anticipations that regard your expectations. Undeservedly, women with the age of 50 or plus are prevalent of having body dissatisfaction; thus lowers your self-esteem and self-image.

Get Yourself Help
With the advent of all distracting thoughts in your mind, it is better to fight and start a new optimistic view of self. The basic derivation of low self-esteem and self-image, and depression is disordered eating that have resulted in various consequences. To resolve this issue:
• Help from peers is more likely to provide you satisfactory result. Involve yourself in group activities and get a cup of chat with them.
• Treatments for emotional needs can also be accomplished through engaging in some sorts of physical activities. Keep a healthy mind to possess a healthy body.
• Helping yourself by gaining more confidence is one of the best treatment for a better you. Accept that life is about aging, and nothing more than that. See yourself as the Fabulous, Awesome, Beautiful women that you are.
Getting older is uncontrollable, but when you learn to accept and love yourself as your reality it becomes real easy.

You see I was always FAB (Fabulous, Awesome, Beautiful) but somewhere I was lead me to believe I was F.I.N.E. (F’d Up, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional). Today I refuse to be F.I.N.E! I am FAB and so are you and so are you! What ever stories you were told or tell yourself must stop. They are not true. God doesn’t make junk.

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