5 Ways To Feel As FAB At Home As You Do At Work

“Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! It’s a bird, it’s a plane” no it’s SUPER WOMEN! Do you ever feel like that at work? Like you can do anything. You are invincible. You put on your cape and make everything happen. You are FAB!!!

Then you go home and want to take the cape off but as soon as you open the door you feel a swoosh of a whirlwind that requires even more of your super powers. But you find the cape doesn’t have the same powers at home as it did at work. At work it lets you leap tall buildings, but at home you trip on everything in sight. What happened to the cape?

Ever wonder how to transport those powers to your home life. It seems that we are all looking for some form of balance and for women this is a tall order. So many stereotypes still existing how we need to be successful and manage a home. It makes me want to break out into the lyrics to the Enjoli commercials from years back.

“I can bring home the Bacon! Fry it up in a Pan! And Never, Never, Never let you forget You’re a Man!  ‘Cause I’m a Woman!”  This is totally unnecessary today. Women revolt now!

What if we didn’t have to do it all. What if we learned how to just do our best and delegate the rest.  After years of trying to live up to everyone’s standard of what I should be doing, countless hospitalizations, high blood pressure, bouts of depression I knew there had to be a better way. I deliberated for years how to be super women at work and home and realized eventually that I could turn in my super women attire and just be me. How freeing that day was and is today.

5 Ways To Feel As FAB At Home As You Do At Work

1. Take off the cape. You do not have to be super women all the time. She runs out of steam and is no good to anyone including herself when she does that. Figure out what you want to do and what you can delegate. Super women in her cape doesn’t know how to do this because she thinks she needs to do it all on her own but YOU know that you are already FABulous even if you aren’t the one that does the laundry, folds the clothes or cleans the house. DELEGATE!

2. Recharge your battery. We all need to recharge and regenerate ourselves so we can come back even stronger. Running yourself down will only result in poor performance, miscommunication at work and at home.  I remember getting so run down that I would be snapping at everyone around me. All I had to do was learn to take 15 minute power naps and life got better for everyone around me.

3. Ask for help. Super women never knew how to ask for help but since you don’t need to be her any more you can. I remember the days when I was able to be home and my husband was working and I didn’t mind doing everything around the house, but then I went back to work. I found myself working outside the house and coming home to do the same. My day never ended and his did. This didn’t last long, I learned to ask for help. We are a family unit and we all are capable of pitching in and helping around the house.

4. Avoid distractions and prioritize. It’s easy to give yourself a “to-do list” and not do anything. Find yourself on the phone, getting caught up in social media or watching television all the time stressing over what you need to do and not doing. Instead prioritize get the things done that need to be and then take time for you. You will find you have more time than you ever imagined when you aren’t wasting it thinking versus doing.

5. Make a happy home your priority. Years from now your family will not remember whether the laundry was done, the floors were washed or the beds were made. They will remember though how you made them feel. Make being happy a priority for you and for them. Take time to give and receive hugs. Smile more often, find things to laugh and play.

Balance comes from simply finding out what’s most important in life and making it a priority. Throw out all the old rules and start making up some of your own so you can live an even happier life now.

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