How To Overcome Feeling Exhausted From Doing It All

As every successful woman knows, having a great career and a happy family takes a lot of effort. In fact, it can be completely draining. So, learning how to overcome feeling exhausted from doing it all is critical.

You might look at the task of learning how to overcome your fatigue as something else to do someday when you have some time at some point in the future. Unfortunately, if this is your belief, you’re condemning yourself to a life half-lived because of exhaustion. You deserve better than that.

When you’re serious about feeling vibrant again, you’ve got to do a few things differently. By doing these 5 things, you’ll discover the secret for how to overcome feeling exhausted.

  1. Schedule a physical.Trying to fit something else into your already jam-packed schedule won’t be easy. However, fatigue is a symptom of nearly every medical disorder, so ruling health issues out first just makes sense – no matter how many other priorities you need to adjust to make it happen.Once you’ve received a clean bill of health, you’ll be able to focus on doing what must be done to deal with your fatigue.
  2. Eliminate unnecessary stress.Every successful woman has a to-do list that seems never-ending. And it’s often the never-ending nature of it that causes tremendous stress.If you’re going to learn how to overcome feeling exhausted from doing it all, you must tame your to-do list. You must learn to delegate and say “No” at work and at home.
  3. Take care of your body.One of the things you can’t delegate or eliminate from your to-do list is taking care of your body. It’s up to you to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and get enough exercise.Caring for your body is a non-negotiable. You need your body in its best shape to successfully complete what’s still left on your to-do list and to fully enjoy your life.
  4. Relax and have fun.Taking time out from doing it all to relax and have fun is a simple way to restore yourself. Yet, when you’re accustomed to continually operating on overdrive, you might find it hard to relax.If relaxation is difficult for you, invest in some training in meditation, yoga or qigong. Each of these practices has the ability to slow down your mind and body.

    The benefit of learning to relax is that it helps your body switch off the adrenaline. And when you do that, your mind and body can recover.

  5. Ask for support.Reaching out to someone you trust to work through family, career or personal issues is just plain smart. No one has all the answers for resolving their own challenges. And it’s by asking for support and then taking action that you’ll fully embrace the secret for how to overcome feeling exhausted.

Remember to take my grandmothers advice, “Take care of your mothers’ daughter”.  As you begin to practice these suggestions, you’ll begin feeling more energized and vibrant. And as you incorporate them into your daily life, you’ll feel great and be unstoppable!

If you’d like personalized support as you learn how to overcome feeling exhausted from doing it all, reach out to me. I’m here to serve you.