Wake Up to Opportunity

We missed it. It was our first time in 12 years that we set the alarm clock to get up for work and we both slept through it. The alarm had been on for 15 minutes as I hear a faint noise as it’s turning itself off. It was 4:45am and I jumped out of bed and darted to the shower to get ready for our meeting, we were already late.

My husband not as excited as me lingered in bed longer and it was more of a procedure to get him moving. We get ourselves out of the house and its 5:30am. Not a car on the road. The ride was easy. We breeze into Manhattan from NJ in an hours’ time which in the past has proved to be two or more on a good day. While driving he’s not doing ‘happy’, I probe for the problem but he just grumbles. I tell him to ‘snap out of it’ and he continues to snarl. He says I’m not a fan of getting up this early. I tell him this is called work. This is what most people do everyday.

He had forgotten what that felt like because we had built a business that continues to support us every day whether we work or not. Today was different for me. We were getting up to share something that is very dear to my heart and that is helping women. You see I spent the better part of my life very successful in most peoples terms, worked in high level corporate positions, owned my own businesses and made a lot of money, but I wasn’t successful in the area that was most important. I wasn’t happy. No one told me money wouldn’t make you happy, but I thought it would. Money just makes you more of what you are and I was depressed and spent my down time sabotaging myself. It has been twenty years since I have felt that way but I found there are still a lot of women out there that do. No matter how successful they are they still feel they are not enough.  I feel it is my responsibility to help them live an authentic life that is happy, healthy and free and I was invited to meet this special group this morning and I was ready to go to work.

We get to our meeting and there are 85 -100 excited smiling business people ready to meet and greet. Where did we end up? Do these people really do this every week? Get up at the crack of dawn and make their way to networking meetings to meet other people that are happy that their there. Well it’s true, they do. We were amazed at what happens while others are sleeping including ourselves. I get to share my message and find other women coming up to me saying they know someone that needs my help. Music to my ears. I now have a hundred trusted souls on the look out for women who need and want help.

How much business is happening while you are sleeping? It time you woke up to the possibilities and help more people with your service. Sometimes we tell ourselves there are no people out there to help.

We just need to get out, literally of our homes, office and our own way.
Set your alarm and wake up to opportunity it is waiting for you.

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