How You Program Yourself for Success or Failure

Have you ever wondered what the difference between success and failure is? While there are a lot of factors involved in success, research shows that the biggest driver of your success or failure in a venture is you.

Our subconscious is surprisingly powerful. If we believe something strongly enough, our brains will do whatever is possible to make it true. This is why placebo sugar pills can get rid of headaches, and we can lose five pounds on a fake fad diet. When we believe something in our subconscious, we will unconsciously do everything possible to not be proven wrong. This is true in any undertaking we start, as well. When we believe that we will succeed, we are setting ourselves up to have a good chance of success; however, when we are not sure deep down inside ourselves if we can succeed, we are doomed to failure.

The simple fact that we think we will fail becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is a sure way to program yourself to fail. Because we already believe we aren’t good at certain things, our subconscious will sabotage any attempts at success, so that our belief stays intact. Unless we can consciously change these deeply held beliefs, we are programming ourselves to fail over and over.

If you want to program yourself to succeed, you need to consciously work every day to change your beliefs about yourself and your abilities. Otherwise, the familiarity of failure is easier on our psyche. Sounds crazy, right? But it is true.

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We will always go back to what is familiar, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel good. We retreat back into the familiarity of failure. That is why we will continue to get into relationships that aren’t good for us, eat food that doesn’t nourish our bodies, retreat into procrastination that damages our careers, or spend money that we don’t have. For those of us with subconscious beliefs that we do not deserve happiness or success, self-sabotage becomes a daily habit. We retreat into self sabotaging habits the minute we start to feel too successful, allowing us to play the victim and stay stuck in a loop of hurtful habits.

In order to change the narrative and program yourself for greater success and fulfillment, you have to change you. We can choose to stop feeling stuck and make the conscious effort to believe we deserve success. It is only once you actively change your thinking that you will find a new pathway to success.

Today, you have to make the choice for yourself. Are you going to stop reacting and retreating into failure or will you choose to program yourself for success?

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